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Fall 2009 (Issue 6)

Dániel Péter BIRÓ: Editorial: Sports Eat Arts - The Politics of Arts Funding in Light of the 2010 Winter Olympics
(And a Special Request to the Readership of Search)

Thomas SCHÄFER : The Laboratory of Darmstadt 2010: An Outlook (PDF)

Simone HEILGENDORFF: Glossolalic Voices - Political Ethos, Self-Awareness and Play in Dieter Schnebel's
Experimental Compositions of the 1960s and '70s

Liza LIM: Staging an Aesthetics of Presence (PDF)

Suzanne FARRIN: Helmut Lachenmann: Streichquartette (Arditti Quartet),
Kairos CD 0012662KAI (2007) (Review)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Search Yearbook to be Released in 2011

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