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Fall 2013 (Issue 10)

In Memoriam

Jonathan Harvey, 1939-2012

Elliott Carter, 1908-2012

Mary BELLAMY: Developing Instrumental Sound Resources Through Collaborative Compositional Practice

Aaron CASSIDY: Constraint Schemata, Multi-axis Movement Modeling, and Unified, Multi-parametric Notation for Strings and Voices

Franklin COX: Richard Taruskin's The Oxford History of Western Music Part 2 (review)

Kris FALK: The Gentle Monster: Jonathan Harvey in Memoriam

Colin HOLTER: Voice-Leading and Harmonic Criteria in the First Phrase of Stuart Saunders Smith's Rose

Cordula PAETZOLD: Ferneyhough––Cox––Thomalla: An Analysis, Two Outlooks, and the Question of a "New Complexity" School

Larson POWELL: Karl Amadeus Hartmann: The Politics of Musical Inner Emigration

Adam ROBERTS: A Focused Multiplicity: Reflections on Elliott Carter

Notes on Contributing Authors


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